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Which is Better, Natural Stone or Interlocking Concrete Pavers?

Whenever the question of choosing the right paving material comes, there has been a huge debate. Some people have shown their support for natural stone pavers; whereas others have shown their inclination for interlocking stone pavers. However, which paving material is more suitable for any kind of patio or walkway or pool deck project is a highly challenging thing.

In order to learn if paver stones are far better than other paving materials like natural stone or asphalt or concrete, one would need to go through the rest of the blog. The blog can guide clients in choosing their hardscape material wisely. When right hardscape material is chosen for the outdoor space, it can easily improve the aesthetics and curb appeal of the place.

Knowing the Materials

Homeowners before choosing between natural stone and interlocking concrete pavers need to know about the material characteristic in details. Only then they can arrive at a right decision and choose their preferred material wisely.

interlocking pavers

Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Usually, this kind of paver is manmade. They are available in various color shades, shapes, texture, and size. The best thing about this stone pavers is that they can be customized based on the need of the customer. Hence, it is considered to be the best material for any kind of pavement projects.

The interlocking concrete pavers being highly versatile, allows homeowners to come up with any kind of design patterns. Most importantly, this paver stones are less costly than the natural stone pavers.  If the concrete pavers are installed correctly, it can make way for a smooth surface and can last for a long time.


Natural Stone Pavers

Now coming to natural stone pavers, one gets to see that this paver is also available in various shapes, colors, and textures.  Some types of natural stone pavers are flagstone, granite, slate, and limestone.

In case one decides to use this paving material for any landscaping project like walkways or patios, one must get ready to shell out huge amount of money. This is because using this paver stones would automatically increase the overall cost of the project. Depending on the availability of the natural stones, the whole cost depends.

Color choices for natural stone pavers are very limited. One usually gets to see color shades of grey and brown and in case one is lucky enough, one can find blue or greenish tints. Irregular shapes are usually the preferred choice for many people in order to design their walkways or patios.


Choosing Carefully

When trying to improve the aesthetic appearance of the outdoor area, one should try to go for paver stones that would offer a great level of flexibility, durability, and less maintenance. Even though, both natural stones and concrete pavers are highly durable, still interlocking concrete pavers is the ideal choice. Interlocking pavers require less maintenance. Using sealant can help to maintain the color of the stones. Thus, wherever it is installed it can last long and won’t need frequent replacing.

Right landscaping materials like interlocking concrete paver stones provide a great valuable function across properties, but can help in improving the aesthetic appearance. Hence, by using stone pavers, one can make their home or any outdoor space visually stunning.